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Mature Resources marks swift progress at Village of Hope

Steve Harmic

Jan 24, 2023

The Village of Hope in Boggs Township continues to grow, with 12 units completed and occupied. An additional 20 homes are slated for completion this year.

The Village of Hope is growing rapidly as construction crews continue to complete new homes at the site. An endeavor of Mature Resources and the Area Agency on Aging, 12 units, each housed in duplexes, have been finished and are occupied by the first residents to call the Village home.


“To think that it was just October when our first resident moved in upon the completion of the first home, and in January, 12 units are finished and full. It’s really amazing the pace at which our contractors are working,” said Mature Resources CEO Kathleen Gillespie. The general contractor is Gheen Construction of Philipsburg.


Village of Hope is situated on nearly 50 acres in Wallaceton Borough and Boggs Township, Clearfield County, in a rural, tranquil setting near West Decatur. It is an inclusive M.A.G.I.C. Community (multi-ability, multi-generational, inclusive, community) where individuals of all ages and abilities are welcomed and appreciated as unique and important to the overall functioning of the community. With income-based pricing for grant funded homes, state of the art housing is available for people of all ages and abilities. The mission is to provide more options outside of traditional assisted living or nursing home environments for people who can live independently but may need some assistance with daily tasks. This may include individuals experiencing cognitive changes, adult children with disabilities, grandparents raising grandchildren, as well as families and single individuals.


“This is an alternative to institutional lock-down environments, providing a far more open, fulfilling, and healthy life at a lower cost,” Gillespie said. “At Village of Hope, people can live their lives the way they choose, while knowing they still have the support of an inclusive community right outside their door.  They also are not responsible for upkeep and maintenance like snow removal or yard work, so many burdens are taken from the people who choose to live here, so that they can focus on enjoying independent living.”


Plans for 2023 include the construction of 20 additional homes, and work has already begun on the first single-family home.  Many of the forthcoming homes already have residents who are waiting to move in. There are currently more than 60 people on the waiting list who wish to make Village of Hope their home.  Up to 50 homes will eventually be built at the site.


Also, this year, work will begin on the Village Hall. The 15,000 square-foot facility will serve as a hub for the community.  The Village Hall will house health services, grocery services, a café, a restaurant, and community arts and theatre spaces to host activities and educational programs or entertainment. It will also provide a gathering space where residents can socialize.


Work on paved streets, sidewalks, and walking trails is also planned, making sure residents can move throughout the community safely and easily.


Duplexes and single-family homes will both be available as the Village of Hope grows. For more information, visit or call 814-765-2226.

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