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SilverArts, "a celebration of the creative expression of seniors in Clearfield County", is a major component of the traditional athletic competition of Clearfield County Senior Games.  In a philosophy that strives to keep seniors healthy, active and involved, SilverArts unites the athlete and artist in a program that recognizes the similarities of both endeavors: discipline, dedication, and pride in one's accomplishments. SilverArtists compete in the 4 categories listed below. 

4 Categories


Literary Arts
Essays (not autobiographical)... Short Stories (fiction)... Life Experiences… Poems (View current and previous years winners here)


Heritage Arts
Basket Weaving... Crocheting... General Fiber Arts... Jewelry... Knitting... Needlework... Quilting (hand-stitched)... Quilting (machine-stitched)... Stained Glass... Tole/Decorative Painting... Pottery-Thrown & Hand Built...
Weaving... Woodcarving... Woodturning... Woodworking

Visual Arts
Acrylics... Digital Art... Drawing... Mixed Media... Oil... Pastels... Photography (Digital)… Photography (Film)… Sculpture... Watercolor

Performing Arts 
Comedy/Drama... Dance... Instrumental... Vocal… Line Dance


1. SilverArts is a Senior Games program and must be promoted as such. It must be held locally between September 8 - September 15th. If SilverArts is held separately from the sports competition, the SilverArtists should be included, and recognized, as a part of the Local Games: i.e., showcases, performances, awards ceremonies, special events, etc.


2. All persons entering SilverArts must be 50 years of age or better as of December 31st, a PA resident for a minimum of 3 consecutive months of the calendar year.


3. An artist may only submit one (1) entry per sub-category; except in Performing Arts - an artist may only have one (1) entry per size of Act in each sub-category.


4. SilverArts Medals will be awarded in each sub-category in Visual, Literary, and Heritage Arts. Medals in Performing Arts will be awarded to solo, small group (2 - 4 performers), and large group (5 or more performers) in each sub-category.


5 . Entries must be the original work of the artist and must have been completed within 2 years of the Local Games' qualifying date.


6. An art entry may only be entered in one (1) SilverArts sub-category.


7. Artists must not submit an entry if the piece/performance/entry has been showcased in the previous SilverArts Showcase.


8. Art entry/entries incorrectly categorized by the artist, or not in compliance with Guidelines and Category Requirements, will not be considered in the judging process.


9. Local Games should include the SilverArts Guidelines and the Specific Category Requirements with/in the Local Games SilverArts Entry Form. A print-ready copy is in the SilverArts Manual.


10. The safety and sportsmanlike conduct of everyone is of paramount concern. Senior Games Officials have the authority to disqualify, and/or remove, from current and future programs, anyone who exhibits inappropriate behavior or a condition of medical concern. Falsifying information in the registration process will not be permitted and may result in disqualification from current and future Senior Games activities

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