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Full Circle Ranch claims Festival of the Trees traveling trophy at the Dimeling

Steve Harmic

Jan 5, 2024

Kristen Zurat of the Chemo Care Bag Project, at left, hands off the Festival of the Trees traveling trophy to the latest winners, staff and volunteers with Full Circle Ranch Equine Haven. They are, left to right, Nancy Taylor, Sean McKeegan, Marty Butler, Suzanne Mosch, and Geremy Kephart.

CLEARFIELD, PA. – Full Circle Ranch Equine Haven of Osceola Mills has been named the winner of the 2023 Festival of the Trees at the Dimeling Senior Residence. Staff and volunteers received the traveling trophy for the contest from last year’s winner, Kristen Zurat of the Chemo Care Bag Project.


For the second year in a row, Mature Resources held the Festival of the Trees at the Dimeling Senior Residence, 4 North Second Street in Clearfield. Local businesses and organizations were invited to bring an artificial Christmas Tree to the Dimeling lobby and decorate it according to a theme representing their business or mission, or a theme of their choice. Visitors voted for their favorite tree during events like the Clearfield Revitalization Cooperation’s Taste of the Town Spirit Tour, and the Allegheny Spay and Neuter Clinic’s Holiday House Tour, and throughout the holiday season.  


Full Circle Ranch Equine Haven was represented in the contest with a 12-foot Christmas tree decorated in an equine theme. Stirrups, cowboy hats, and a variety of other items adorned the tree.


Full Circle’s mission is to rescue unwanted, abused, and neglected horses from auctions, inhumane conditions, and from being forced into the slaughter pipeline. They aim to educate, be a resource, and find a solution to help horses, including ponies, pregnant mares, yearlings, those retired off the track, working, sick, injured, and those that are not wanted.


Full circle holds trainings, classes, and is open as a resource to those wishing to learn more about horse rescue and care. The ranch has an open-door policy, welcoming the public to visit and

connect with the horses while learning basic care. They work with children and adults with disabilities and depression. 


The ranch is actively searching for volunteers. Those interested can reach Full Circle Ranch Equine Haven at 814-577-9057 or and find them on Facebook.


Last year’s winner, The Chemo Care Bag Project, began as a tribute to Lynn and Chauncey Smith, who both passed away from cancer. To memorialize them, their daughter, Kristen, started a campaign to fill bags with items to help patients going through cancer treatment. The hope is that these bags provide some level of comfort to patients.


A total of 16 businesses and organizations participated in this year’s Festival of the Trees.

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