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ECHO cottage front of cottage.jpg

First ECHO cottage placed in Sandy Twp. 

front of ECHO Cottage.jpg

Along with Mature Resources Foundation, CCAAA is committed to helping Older Adults age in place with choice. 


Options such as an Elder Cottage, Shared Housing or the Village of Hope provide Older Adults with living arrangements that naturally support independence, socialization and a higher quality of life.  An Elder Cottage is a small, manufactured residence that is temporarily placed on the property of an older adult’s loved one, allowing that person independence with the support of family or friends nearby.  


Shared Housing joins 2-3 Older Adults in one home to share expenses, gain emotional/social support and eliminate home maintenance.  Each person has his/her own room and “shares” the common areas of the home.  


The Village of Hope creates a multi-ability, multi-generational co-living environment where Older Adults live in neighborhoods, established in a Culture of Health. 


Contact our Agency today to receive more information about any of these premier housing options!

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