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Information and Referral

Enhancing Quality of Life

Intake and Referral Services -

Have a question about community resources, or just not sure where to start in the long term care process? We are happy to help over the phone or in-person through our intake and referral department.

Person-Centered Counseling -

Person-centered counseling is funded through the Pennsylvania Link to Aging and Disability Resources. This program assists consumers who have two or more needs. A match is then made with a resource specialist to develop referrals and plans to help address those needs. 

Navigation Services -

Are you or a loved one facing a chronic condition, or a complex situation regarding long term care, and not sure where to turn? We are here to help. One of our newest programs, NAVIGATION helps you navigate through complex situations that are not resolving through other programs. One of our highly experienced navigators will work with you directly, linking you with resources as you need them.

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