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During these unprecedented times, we are all left wondering how can we be safe, where we can find the most up to date information and how we can continue to take care of ourselves?


We feel the first and most important step is to know the facts from reputable sources:


Click to learn more about COVID-19 (aka coronavirus):

If you feel you are experiencing symptoms consistent with coronavirus please contact your primary care provider. 


Are you a grand-parent raising grand-children and would like specific information about how COVID-19 may impact you? 


Has COVID-19 made you concerned because you do not have advanced directives in place to guide your care? 


Is COVID-19 causing you increased anxiety and depression? 


Immediate help is available to those who experience mental health crises by calling 1-800-341-5040 to speak with Clearfield Jefferson - Mental Health Crisis Intervention Services or text the crisis helpline 741741 to text with a crisis counselor.


While we are not conducting any health and wellness evidenced-based programs, here is some good information on how to stay healthy:





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